Expecting MORE
from technology
Imaguru Ventures is a consistent step for us in remaining committed to our values and principles of freedom, empathy, and entrepreneurial ambition.
Сommunity-driven VC fund which invests in early-stage tech founders in developing startup HUBs and provides hands-on support via Imaguru’s mentoring and learning programs

Fund Mission
Imaguru Ventures mission is to give tech founders access to the right tools and resources so they are able to build extraordinary things.
We're expecting more from technology.
Market Fit
We invest at the pre-seed/seed stage in innovative tech startups most commonly in B2B SaaS, AI/ML, fintech, healthtech and deeptech.

As a community-driven VC fund, we give our portfolio access to the engaged tech community of 12k+ talented founders and engineers where they can find top-notch talents and entrepreneurship expertise.
Founders are terrific visionaries. They can see a future for their product or service but they often struggle with the realities of running a business. We provide hands-on support to these founders via Imaguru’s mentoring and learning programs.
Positive change
Work From Anywhere Trend. Beyond communication and collaboration, the business world urgently needs tools that enable true remote working. These include as-effective-as-in-person recruitment, on-boarding, payroll, culture and team-building, brainstorming, performance management and everything else that's needed to build, run, and grow an over-achieving remote or virtual team.
Imaguru has a pipeline of tech engineers, as well as AI backed startups solving problems in medicine, productivity, education and other positive change sectors.
Tech talent
Fund Focus
PAN European founders on move
The great strength of Europe's ecosystem is the plurality of backgrounds we have, including industries, approach to business, cultures and geographical diversification.

But what even adds more to this now is that founders don't need to move any more to build world-class teams. A new form of mobility is emerging: flexibility.

Startups can benefit from a larger pool of engineers, for example from CEE, which has the largest share of professional developers working from anywhere.

Why you should develop your startup with us

If you have an exceptional startup which fits the Fund Focus and you share the Fund Mission please let us know right away. We would be happy to cooperate.
In-house match to top tier developers and engineers
Deep knowledge of market entry, business operations and exit channels in Europe and US
Investment experience across several funds in Europe and TechMinsk accelerator, ability to co-invest with angels and VCs
Acceleration and tracking remote educational programs
Strategic Consultancy on startups business and tech development
Access to counting learning and network through Imaguru Tech Hub, across Europe with HQ in Madrid
Powerfull network of influencers, mentors, and investors including Google and other global corporations
Professional guidance for fundraising
Ability to co-invest with top notch angels and VCs
Managed Fund
Tania Marinich
General partner
VC management, Startup Growth, Ecosystem building, Civil Society
Nastia Khamiankova
Startup Scouting, Ecosystem building, Civil Society
Diversity of skills and nuanced expertise; from entrepreneurship to M&A
Track record
10 years of startup and VC ecosystem building experience.

The fund team developed Imaguru, the Pan-European
Startup Hub.
12 Batches, 2 online out of them
150 Companies accelerated
500+ Mentors in our network
160M+ Raised by startups from our community

Imaguru Startup HUB is one of a few European partners of Google for Startups
Your Next
With US
* Exits of startups from our community, Imaguru Accelerator Alumni
The fund team contributed to creating
300+ New Startups
12K+ tech talented community

...With Us
We are at the forefront of the startup ecosystems across Europe. We are the driver of the ecosystem helping startups grow and connecting them to the global network of founders and investors.

We have exposure to top engineering talent and high quality first time founders. Over the past 5 years we have built a huge network of great technical talent. We believe these people will build the next wave of hugely successful companies.

Imaguru Ventures Team combines years of experience in operational and fund management, deal sourcing, ventures building, venture investment, education, startup and VC ecosystems development.

Interested in working with Imaguru Ventures? We'd love to hear from you.
Drop a line to our team through our VC Analyst nastassia@imaguru.co
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